Prior to the journey of La Cronologia … I took my BA in Psychology from the The University of Iowa and spent five years in manufacturing operations.

Rainbow Graphics – in addition to being able to work alongside my Dad, I very much enjoyed the daily rhythm of this gig. Supporting sales with timely and accurate estimates from a steady stream of requests for pricing (RFPs) made the days very fluid. More often than not, the day started at the coffee station with a visit to the pressroom to chat with the guys I worked with throughout high-school and college.

RR Donnelly – my best friend hooked me up with this opportunity to be a system tester. My first experience in IT. A bit different than being an end user of a manufacturing system yet, a lot of fun flipping my skill set and, trying my best to “break stuff in beta.”

Cardinal Health – my parents’ next door neighbor facilitated this opportunity to put my past experiences to work in health care services as a Domestic Buyer. Again, I very much enjoyed the daily rhythm and working across several departments (sales, customer service, marketing and quality) supporting product launches and ensuring high service levels.

Then … I went into health and fitness for nearly a decade.

Centre Club – I started taking Spin classes to add a bit of variety to my workouts. I’ll never forget how much the first class kicked my ass. Yet, the Instructor was very motivating and, I continued going and, started to see results. I really looked up to the Instructor and, he became a sort of mentor to me. He told me about a Spinning Convention that he was planning to attend. This event set the course for the next near decade of my life.

CDW at Play – my travels across the Lake County Spinning ecosphere led me to subbing classes at this venue. I heard that they were looking for an Assistant Fitness Director and, upon coming aboard in the role, learned a lot about the club management side of the business while attaining my first credentials as a Personal Trainer.

CK Concepts – Personal Training – having been in the health & fitness industry for a few years now, I was really inspired by both Doug Katona (then a Master Instructor with the SPINNING Program) and Jim Risi (a colleague of mine at Lake Forest Park District Fitness Center) and, started up my own shop. My first clients were the Lake Forest High School Girls Soccer Team. I also took on clients in a corporate wellness setting with Salton, Inc. as well as a semi-professional baseball team.

Fitness Formula – Program Coordinator – a downtown walkabout hand delivering resumes led me to the Union Station Multiplex where I continued as a Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor and, was promoted to WellFit Program Coordinator.

Lifetime Fitness – Program Coordinator – having achieved more specialized certifications and program management experience, I was looking to grow my club level fitness experience and, the opportunities presented by Lifetime Fitness were very inspiring to me.

… and then, in 2008, through a relationship built teaching a SPINNING class, back into manufacturing with Stepan Chemical as a Supply Chain Planner.

The 2009 recession led me to retail with Caribou Coffee as an Assistant Store Manager … until Mike Basler, then with, visited our store one Spring day in 2010. I was cleaning the store lobby and his computer screen caught my eye. I hadn’t ever seen a website look the way this one did and, he had not yet seen a way to engage the local business community from a centralized approach. We made a lot of things happen and, set the course of my next career journey (please see my post La Cronologia linked above).



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