[This is the first (of three) posts in a series about elemental social media.]


This acronym is something that has stuck with me for years since first seeing it shared on LinkedIn by the folks at Forrester Research.

For deeper insights on how social media has come to transform our way of life, please read Groundswell , a terrific book by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.

For more social media gems, here is a list of my top five social media books.


So, unless your preference is to have your social media content looking like the post pictured above … standing alone in a field … then, please consider the following before sharing online:

People (P)who is participating on the the social site that will see this?

For example, on Facebook I share more day-to-day, in the moment type stuff with friends and family. This seems to fit the “way” of Facebook and how a majority of the folks on this social site use it.

My LinkedIn updates relate more to my career and to the folks that share a common interest in and, find value with what I do for a living. I’ll also share my blog content over here as, it tends to be more professional in nature.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see and experience a more spontaneous and visual (image based) vibe similar to my presence on Facebook. Yet, there are occasions where I will share branded, more work-related content. I’ll also do this on Facebook from time to time while being mindful of how it is received by monitoring the likes, comments and shares that may or, may not happen.

So, before hitting “enter”, consider your audience and, what they’ll take away.

Who is your desired community and, how will they react to what you share?

Objectives (O)what are you looking to accomplish by posting your content?

Perhaps you want to educate people? Or, simply, to make someone laugh?

On Facebook and Instagram, I share a lot about being a Dad, hockey fan and coffee addict. I do this to … well, be social and, to let my friends and family know what I’m up to. I enjoy starting and, continuing conversations about tween fatherhood and, how the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Wolves are doing along with how much I savor (and need) my Hansa Coffee fix.

On Twitter, I mostly listen and engage. Twitter Chats and Social Media Today are a couple of terrific ways to start! I will share my blog content over here as, I want to create more overall awareness of the blog.

My LinkedIn activity centers around my professional interests and growth. I both listen and interact with social media resources like Sprout Social and share my own content (blog, interesting articles) and, interact with my friends, acquaintances and colleagues around career interests and aspirations.

Strategy (S)Does what your sharing fall within your overall social media plan?

There’s a bit of a context change here, from more personal to professional.

Do you have a social media plan? If not, I am happy to help. Let’s talk. I’m always at … and, up for … a Hansa Coffee.

What is your longer-term approach to using each social site? Consider here, the call-to-action behind your content: event attendance, website traffic, inbound marketing …

Is it about engagement? That desire for a like, comment or, share on LinkedIn, Twitter or, Facebook?

Is it more particular to brand (or, blog) awareness? Maybe it’s a bit more along the lines of starting a conversation based off a post comment (engagement).

It can be one or, the other or, both. As long as there is an intent.

Technology (T)on what social platform are you posting?

What site fits the content best?

Each social site has its own tempo and feel. Consider this when developing your content.

Headers and topics on Facebook will not be perceived the same way on LinkedIn. Things on Twitter tend to have a shorter shelf life so, be prepared to share the content at hand more often. Instagram is visual first and, links can only be shared in your bio.

I base a lot of my content sharing around my bio on each social site again, considering the vibe of the social site at hand.

So …

As you share more on the social sites with the aforementioned approach, be prepared for the possibility of interaction. This is where the magic happens. You will start to think about how well or, not well all of the engagements and conversations related to your social sharing are going and, if it’s time or not, to seek out a different approach towards building your community.

Here’s to more posts. I very much enjoy keeping up with what my online communities share and, hope to inspire more of it.

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