My 2019 Reading List

Here are the pages that I turned in 2019.

Dark HorseTodd Rose 

As far as life-changing reads, this book is right up there with Adam Markel’s “Pivot”.

Under PressureLisa DaMour 

As the Father of a tween Daughter, this one, as well as her previous work, “Untangled”, is pretty much within reach at all times.

ElementalTim James 

As a serious MacGyver fan, as well as someone who very much enjoyed Chemistry until the Fall of 1991 (Organic Chemistry, “the Med School Dreamkiller”) this was a terrific read. As any genuine expert does, Tim distills the complex to very absorbable levels.

Unfuck YourselfGary John Bishop

Not quite as in your face as “The Pitbull of Personal Development”, Larry Winget), yet Gary tells you like it is, so you can get out of your own way, and get down to the business of living life.

Digital MinimalismCal Newport

An honest check on how much impact “social tech” has had on our lives evolving and … devolving … at the same time.

Bird by BirdAnne Lamott

A heartfelt gift from a client and good friend, if you are a Writer … novice or professional … having this reference on your shelf is well worth it.

Talk Triggers – Jay Baer & Daniel Lemin

The only “business” book that I read in 2019, I once again enjoyed Jay’s wisdom and insights on empathy, usefulness, generosity, speed and attitude and how these “Talk Triggers” impact what you do both online and offline.

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