Making My Mark

Do you genuinely love your job?

Over the last several months, it has become very clear that my heart has always been drawn towards something bigger.
I want to help others.
I am seeking a genuine “more”.
On June 1st, 2020, I had a phone call with a Recruiter at Careers In Nonprofits.
The energy on this call was palpable.
Come early July, I was offered a scholarship into the “Make Your Mark” program.
August 2020 found me with a clarity never before experienced towards my career, as well as a better perspective on my career purpose, direction and intention.
I can honestly say that whatever my next role shall be, I will be loving my job.
Here’s how the Careers in Nonprofits “Make Your Mark” program helped me to find my way towards a better career.

Professional Identity:

Until 2020, my career was scattered across manufacturing operations, health and fitness, retail, startups, sales, marketing and recruiting.

I have distilled my professional self.

I am now focusing my career on nonprofit communications.

Where have I been?
I have been finding clarity.
I have spent time reflecting on my career and establishing my professional identity.
Knowing and embodying this distinctiveness will allow me to show up and interact with my colleagues with transparency.
A more confident me will stay better connected with my communities.
I will enjoy a daily rhythm that supports my building relationships.
A newfound clarity will sustain my continual learning and growth within an industry.
I am my best professional self when I am taking things as they come.
I am always seeking out opportunities to help others grow.
Where am I now?
I’m discovering, applying and sharing my true purpose.
My genuine “why?”.
It’s an amalgamation of sorts of my career journey to date.
A newfound focus that has me applying my wisdom to a greater good.
I am serving on The Cradle Associates Board, rediscovering the voice of this blog and contributing content to Careers in Nonprofits.
Where am I going?
I am eager to help an adoption, mental health or local community organization fortify its relationships within its community.
I intend to use my skills and experience towards serving something beyond myself.
In her life-changing book, Make Your Mark, Nurys Pedersen inscribed to me,

“Casey, keep shining bright, chart your path and make your mark!”

I highly recommend getting with the program.

You’ll love yourself.

You’ll love your job.

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