La Cronologia

I started blogging with in 2011 as a community advocate for local small business. It was a fitting parallel to the start-up that I was involved in at the time and, kept me close to the “where to go and, what to do” in suburban Lake County. I was consistent with it and, developing a following until leaving the start-up world in 2012 to take on a few roles in sales and marketing.


After a couple of organizational decisions out of my control, I found myself in retail while doing social media marketing for Neumann’s Cigars and More, The Runner’s Edge and Peak Performance Action Coach.


A serendipitous yet, well-timed note to a customer at the cigar shop led to an opportunity to return to my roots in manufacturing operations until, through someone following my ongoing activities on social media, an opportunity with a small marketing agency came about.


Agency life was not my thing so, I went back into manufacturing as an inventory clerk/program manager until yet, another opportunity… this time, to help build out a wholesale coffee operation … came my way. Brand ambassadorship was a fascination at this point in my career and, both coffee and cigars lent themselves to some pretty energetic content development and sharing.


Hansa Coffee and Camacho Cigars were flexing their brand muscles pretty hard and, it was both very inspirational and a lot of fun to share their stories with my online community.


I continued to do the same while aboard with Matrix Basements. As part of my role here, I seized an opportunity to build out my own direct mail campaign with my friend and former Loyola Press colleague, Jim Moran of Money Mailer of Central Lake County. This campaign proved successful and, I found myself advocating for the direct mail advertising product and sharing the opportunity  with small business owner friends and acquaintances of mine.


It was during a weekly call with Jim that I learned of an opportunity at The Exercise Coach – Libertyville.

I enjoyed being back in Health & Fitness and, working with a business that I learned of when developing markets for


While attending one of my Daughter’s basketball games, I ran into Nick Richmond of Matrix Basement Systems. He was building up a Bath Division and looking for assistance in business development …









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