Hawks Roadwatch

This post is where the Daddy and Hockey Fan come to life.

2009 saw the Blackhawks heating up as a team. I found myself watching more games on TV and my then two year-old Daughter, Abby, would sometimes watch along with me.

Connie Kowal of The Village of Libertyville Sports Complex fed off this new Hawks energy and since 2010, offers a terrific venue for the local community as a perennial host of an Official Watch Party.

Of course Abby and I attended the inaugural event and have returned every year since.

Pictured below: 2011, 2013, 2015-2018 (from lower right, across the bottom, then top right-to-left).

As a Dad, I find traditions both very significant and meaningful. Establishing these traditions as part of something bigger?


The definition of community: a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.

As a local resident and, Hawks fan I’m thinking the opportunity to participate in an event with Jim Cornelison singing the National Anthem (LIVE), The Blackhawks Ice Crew keeping spirits high with photo opps and swag giveaways, floor hockey with Tommy Hawk and, Hawks Ambassador meet and greets … all under one local roof … a big, fat community WIN!

As far as ‘swag’, Abby and I have collected a few official postseason event towels, a souvenir replica 2015 championship ring, a Coach Q Bobblehead, a Jonathan Toews Bobblehead, and photos with Tommy Hawk, The Blackhawks Ice Crew and, Jim Cornelison.

Well played, Connie! Well played!

The 2019 date is TBD.

It’s usually an April event and all three April away opponents should make for some really good hockey: Winnipeg, St. Louis and, Nashville.

Make a new tradition!

Participate in your local community!

See you there!





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