Do I have your attention?

There are several reasons why I support certain non-profit organizations.

Yet, the simplest way to put it is that they both have and keep my attention.

Here’s how.

They consistently share their “Why?”

Their mission – their why they do what they do – is very clear.

This clarity is communicated through regular and engaging social media updates.

The Cradle.

They are very proud of their “Who?”

They give plentiful kudos to their donors and volunteers.

The “who’s who” are pridefully displayed across social networks.

Lake County Haven.

They let you know their “What?” and “Where?” and “When?”

They keep you posted on their events and how to participate in them.

You will always know the event, it’s venue and it’s time and date because you’ll see it on their LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Animal Education and Rescue.

Little City.

It goes deeper …


You always know what’s up, and better yet – it does not have to end with you.

Sharing the news across your social networks, or liking, or commenting on the update spreads the message even further.

Talk about campaign outreach and donor engagement?!?


You know who’s supporting them.

Even better — sometimes they will even share why.

Talk about a terrific way to recruit volunteers and board members?!?


They are genuinely thankful for the support that they receive.

This appreciation goes well beyond mere stewardship.

It’s something you can genuinely feel.

It’s palpable.

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated?!?

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