Dear Evan Hansen

Abby and Me at the show!


A teen boy struggling to find both his place and his way in life.

A voyage taken to overcome the challenges of bullying, being the son of a working-single parent, navigating his first crush, and the consequences of trying to cope with all of this. We tag along as it unfolds from a simple misunderstanding to a journey of complicated outcomes that impact quite a few lives in quite a few ways.

I wasn’t quite sure how my Daughter would respond to a much more mature theater experience than the ones that we went to when she was younger.

Allow me to share an analogy from Anne Lamott’s book, “Bird by Bird”.


“You can’t – and, in fact, you’re not supposed to – know exactly what the picture is going to look like until it has finished developing. First, you just point at what has your attention …”

Well, a very, very clever iPhone ringtone cueing the opening act along with the opening song, “Anybody Have a Map?”  both made a very strong and palpable connection to and for a parent of a teenager.

Any hesitations about taking Abby along were immediately assuaged. Alas, after this opening scene and song, we both identified. The connection was made.

Such a powerful score.

“You Will Be Found” evoked such a sense of abandonment and solitude, of feeling misplaced. Yet, also … hope.

“Words Fail”  hard hitting lyrics of overwhelm, anxiety and sorrow.

Beyond the music, several outstanding character and ensemble performances and the interactive, contemporary set design kept us very engaged.

Throughout the show, the use of social media and contemporary culture sustained a very powerful enmeshment with the audience.

You could feel the stage and its essence as an extension of the characters and the story being shared.

The lighting was precisely what every scene needed. The tapestries that screened the digital conversations happening between characters kept us emotionally in touch as they maneuvered through an incredible journey of self-discovery.

“Every room gives us layers of information about our past and present and who we are, our shrines and quirks and hopes and sorrows, our attempts to prove that we exist and are more or less Okay.”

– Anne Lamott

Please … go and see this show. You may very well come away with a changed perspective on life.

This fully enjoyed evening was made possible by The Cradle, where I am an alum, and serve as both an Advocate, and member of the Associates Board.

Your contribution matters as, #AdoptionChangesEverything.

Thanks for reading!

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