Community at Work: Social Currency & Social Change

Another oldie but goodie from the late Summer of 2011. I’ve updated the non-profits in this post to keep current with my experience serving them. Eight years later, lots of iterations across the social ecosystem, yet social currency remains a powerful force.

The “Likes”, “Comments” and “Shares” are more than just “clicks”.

They are “social currency” that drive the engine of social change.

I look at these social currencies to determine their worth to the communities that I support. Animal Education and Rescue, Little City, Lake County Haven, Main Street Libertyville and The Cradle all look to social media as a very cost effective tool. They drive social change using social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to communicate their missions, brands, events and positive impacts on the local communities they serve.

If you follow me on Facebook you’ll see that I “Check In” quite often as I travel across communities. I do this to share “my story” and to give “social currency” to the places that I visit.

I’ll also tag as many people and places that I can in my social updates. Hashtags are also a terrific and fun way to support missions, brands and events.

All of this various activity online is also very beneficial if organizations have a “Social Website”, i.e., their websites acknowledge how to find them and, more importantly … interact with them on social media. You can click the buttons on my blog home page and visit me on the social networks.

Does your online presence make sharing content easy?

Do you share your story through a blog?

All of these social currencies add value to your organization by allowing the community to cash in and easily travel to your online destination(s).

Whatever communities that your organization may support or draw from – we build communities, and in volley they build us – this is “The Tao of Community”.

Having a well established online presence where currencies are easily exchanged will help your organization drive social change – in whatever community that may be.

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