Back to the Future

With the posts I’ve written thus far, I’ve intended to stay mindful of the more timeless components of social media.

Elements that will span a decade or two.

Sharing concepts like technographics to better understand who’s participating across the social networks, and how you can better connect with them.

Talking social strategy with the classic acronym “P.O.S.T” so that you can more clearly understand who’s online.

Considering as well your own objectives on how to best reach them – along with a strategy for doing so.

Taking a more reflective approach to why we’re doing all of this in the first place.

Can you recall your initial moments of being on Facebook?

What did you post?

Why did you post it?

Did it get the result you were looking for?

Did you decide, “This isn’t for me.” without considering other approaches and resources?

Projections are not a bad thing, yet forgetting our “Why?” can be risky behavior in times of rapid growth and change.

Sure, clearing the windshield and charging ahead is a legit way to go.

Yet, so is taking a peek in the review mirror when you feel a bump in the road.

You want to make sure everything is okay before proceeding on.

So, look forward with excitement!

Yet, don’t abandon the concepts that got you here.

Have good conversations around good content.

That’s community, baby! 

Move your tribes into the future without forgetting about your shared history.

I’ll close with some of the best social media advice I’ve gotten to date:

Publish. Promote. Respond. Learn.

Hindsight is 2020.

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