I’m a connector who enjoys creating meaningful relationships.


I am a Dad to a now teenage Daughter. We share a fascination with hockey which was started through an offer to see The Chicago Wolves play while I was with The Daily Herald Media Group. We support Animal Education and Rescue from where we adopted our two guinea pigs, Ginnie and Francie. There’s a good chance that you’ll find us together at … among other places … Palladia Farm, Glacier Ice ArenaJust For Fun roller rink, Cook Library, local forest preserves and, Hansa Coffee Roasters.

I am an extrovert. Coffee most definitely amplifies this.

I am an Associates Board Member with The Cradle.

For two seasons, I played “Doubting Thomas” in The Improv Playhouse production of “The Gathering”, a contemporary version of the final hour of The Last Supper.

I played snare drum in The University of Iowa Hawkeye Drumline.

Witnessing an artist immersed in their craft gives me goosebumps and, I’ll emote accordingly with a primal scream; especially if it is particular to percussion, hockey or, The Blue Angels.

My career has been very much a non-traditional journey. The best part about it … the companions who have shaped me into who I am, helped point me to where I’m going and to what I’m doing.

I have a degree in Psychology from The University of Iowa with enough business courses taken that I held my own in corporate America before … ditching the blueprint, so to speak.

The mythology of this blog will share the serendipitous nature of my life … the “accidental opportunities” … on my journey to self.

Thanks for coming along.